Meek | Possessive | Gluttonous | Active

Birthdate:December 29
Age:Mid 20's
Likes:Music, Dancing
Dislikes:Closed spaces, Cameras, Being lost in music

The Shy Thief

Now, if she does it like this
Will you do it like that?
Now, if she touches like this
Will you touch her right back?
Now, if she moves like this
Will you move it like that?
Come on
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it


In general, Yuki is a good, kindhearted soul considering his occupation. He borderlines on being a kleptomaniac, and utilized his thieving need for his own benefits. He's mostly mastered the skill, and makes his living quite well off of it. Some even say Yuki's skills are comparable to a magician, using visual deception yet gentleman-like persuasion to snag your wallet off of you while having a pleasant conversation.

He's not always a kind and smooth gentleman though, this only shows in his work. When around women, especially those whom are trying to flirt, he becomes a whole new side, dropping that confidence and stuttering out every word, even succumbing to a nosebleed sometimes. This is why he doesn't consider himself a skilled thief, having a weakness towards the opposite gender affects his ability to think and plan as he normally does. He will try to flirt back, awkwardly so to cover up said weakness, but the plan usually falls through. Despite this, he'll come up with elaborate ways around his weakness just to 'steal' a simple kiss.

His other weakness consists of music, where yet another side of him is brought out. If a song has good rhythm and sound, he'll occasionally lose himself in it, even blacking out in some cases. Once the song is over, he'll come to, where he doesn't immediately remember what just happened. In this state, he has that confidence constantly, absolutely loves to dance, and will openly sway women as if he didn't have a problem with them. He'll even use music on some nights to help out his thieving abilities, and allow for that 'true self' to be brought out. In short, he's just a shy, music loving thief.