Cocky | Arrogant | Gamer | Pervert

Birthdate:January 12
Age:Early 20's
Eyes:Light Blue
Likes:Women, videogames, music, socializing
Dislikes:Being responsible, confrontation, being interrupted
Hobbies:Playing videogames

The Nostalgic

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Let your body rock
Let your body move
Let your body jump
To the killer groove

Retro is best known as a gamer, and a pervert. Most will see him as outgoing, loud and expressive, while others may perceive him as being immature and arrogant. When he isn't behind a screen feeding his gaming addiction, he can be found at work as a roller skating carhop. At least he gets in his exercise. This job only seems to fuel his growing collection of games, as he neglects his responsibilities and house chores. Clothes shoved under the bed, tossed on every available surface, dishes likely growing an undiscovered species. He doesn't let his hygiene slip thankfully, and he keeps his game collections in pristine condition.

Despite his negative qualities, he's easy to get along with on a surface level. His friends usually tolerate his behavior, though there aren't many that would call him a 'close' friend. He's fine to get along with when there's fun to be had, but if there's any issues or confrontations, he'll bail as fast as possible. This severely affects any romantic relationships he has. Anyone willing to put up with his childishness and jealousy long enough eventually see who he really is, and leave.

That is, except for Mocha. Mocha with her heart of gold, smitten by his boisterous personality, his love for all things nerdy, his dirty little comments to her. To her, she sees someone who is honest, passionate, amusing. Sure it's tough to see past Retro's immaturity, but at least he's open about it. A handful of women have fallen for his fun-loving ways before, experienced his overbearing jealousy, watched him flirt with others. But Mocha, well, maybe Retro will see that she's not worth losing.