Modest | Quiet | Shy | Wholesome

Birthdate:March 30
Age:Early 20's
Eyes:Dark Green
Occupation:Charm and Jewelry Maker
Likes:Miniatures, games, JRPGs, sweets, organization
Hobbies:Making miniatures, cosplaying

The Nerdy Enchantress

It's a secret to everybody.
Won't ever give you up
Won't ever let go.
Even when you hurt me,
I still love you so.
I'll let you take the lead.
Follow where you go.
Hear my plea, oh, won't you, baby

I love you, my one and only

Mocha is a kind and caring individual with a pure heart who seeks to help others with her abilities. She is able to bestow fortune, love, prosperity, health, and so on as boons on her handcrafted charms and jewelry, though the effects are minor and temporary. Great care is taken when crafting these items to make them pleasant enough to keep, even after the spells wear off. She's not alone in her endeavors either. Her brother, Grant, can conjure permanent enchantments by giving tattoos, and her cousin Clover uses spell ingredients and potions to benefit others. Together, they run a family-owned business that aims to improve lives, even if it's as small as giving someone a little boost of confidence.

However, Mocha has a nerdy side to her, which she typically keeps to herself. Along with her jewelry and charms, she enjoys making clay miniatures representing some of her favorite games and shows. Her room is modestly decorated with her work and collections, shelves adorned with figurines and merchandise, everything having a comforting and pleasing aesthetic. Even the way she organizes her workspace is appealing, with matching storage containers set up to make her workflow easier. The few game consoles she does have are decked out with cutesy skins to match the rest of her space.

When she has some free time, she attends conventions centering around games, animation and other pop culture. These places make her feel at home, where she can be herself. She loves her family, but she can't freely gush to them about how much a game's sequel improved, or the new song in a show's opening. Even in such an inviting place, her shy personality keeps her from making friends as easily as she hopes, and it makes staying in contact after the conventions even harder. That is, until she met a rather vibrant gamer, whose lively personality coaxed her out of her shell.