Reclusive | Bitter | Quiet | Serious

Nickname:Ive (pronounced Eve)
Birthdate:February 15
Age:Immortal; Early 20's

The Thorn

I've been longing for,
Daisies to push through the floor,
And I wish that plant life would grow all around me,
So I won't feel dead anymore.
So I won't feel dead anymore.


These may be my last few days, though I accept my fate, for I have left a mark on society. My only fear is the namesake of my family lines. I am the last that this blood flows through, with no children inheriting it. I can only hope that we have put enough of an imprint on history to be remembered. I have, however, someone who may be able to carry on my legacy, at least in tradition.

My dear Ivette, though you look at me with such scorned eyes, I never meant any harm. From the day you entered my home you have never been the same from when I first saw you. Cheerful, singing and free, I thought it would make this mansion feel complete with such a lighthearted spirit roaming its interior. But I was a fool.

Introducing a nymph to an expansive yet lonely environment. Within the first few days of her arrival, her spirit diminished, and with her spirit, her beauty. She began to wilt, like a flower after being plucked from it's stem. Though I had lost her spirit and will, her life was saved by encouraging her to bound to my home. Ever since, she had seemed to take on the emotion of the mansion rather than bringing it to life.

I've had a hard time since then, getting her to adjust to daily life, the way humanity works, she never seemed to have any interest in it. When I was wounded she would tend to me, but it felt spiteful, as if I deserved such punishment. Her face never showed cheer, passion, just the unforgiving glare. I never have known if she forgave me for this..

The only time she ever showed interest was in the research I had written. In fact, she seemed to be attached to any book I brought home, for it was a window to the outside world that I didn't have to explain in my words. I would often see her in the library when she wasn't tending to the garden, each time with something new. She learned so much in so little time..

With my old age, she tends to me by bedside. Even though I took her spirit, she still lives on, not aging a day compared to myself. Alas, I only hope I gave her the inspiration to continue on my spirit. I am blessed to have lived as long as I have as a vampire hunter. I know her greatest desire was to leave this place, but I do not blame her for the path she chooses. Ivette my dear, I wish you well after my passing.