Carefree | Naive | Gullible | Kindhearted

Birthdate:May 29
Age:Early 20's
Likes:Peppermints, Spearmint, Cleanliness
Hobbies:Reading, Writing

The Repeating

This isn't how, I thought I'd turn out.
In your eyes I'm so picture perfect
In your eyes the grass is greener
Have you seen it though my eyes?
Through my eyes


Many parents want a perfect child, others test the laws of nature to make this possible.

Everest is proper, well mannered, polite, the perfect little lady. She doesn't talk back to her elders, or anyone for that matter. Her bed is always made, everything is kept clean, and she'll always do what she is told. Like a flock of sheep, she goes with the flow of things, follows law and order, and is all around perfect, to her parents at least. It's an almost eerie perfection, as if she's never done wrong, and never learned from her mistakes.

This little sheep will be happily talking to a new acquaintance one day, get along with them the next, then out of nowhere, she may have been forgotten them just like that. Wouldn't know what their name was or anything, as if she's never met them before. In fact, she lacks any friends because of this, even if she's remembered them or not. No one has been able to handle being forgotten so easily with no reason why. But her parents know. Every time she does wrong, or anything that they don't approve of, her memory is wiped of that instance. However this task has its flaws, causing her to forget things surrounding that memory as well. It's as if her memory is saved each night she does well, and wiped clean if not.

She's discovered this memory erasing multiple times, fretted about it, and tried to run away, but her parents simply locate her, and revert her back as if she never left. Because of this, she can seem dense at times, especially having to repeat something over and over to her each day. Because she's never learned the proper way of trial and error, she usually gets herself into trouble when she's by herself. But it's never a problem, for she won't remember it anyway.

Everest is one of many that are being experimented on, tested to alter thoughts and memories as if their minds were simply computers. Her memory manipulation is caused by a tiny chip in her head, which is still a work in progress but the more they know how it works in a functioning person, the better the technology will be.

Once in a while, Everest is able to keep these memories hidden from her parents, and treasures them dearly. Though she doesn't want to do wrong, it's something that's been kept of her for so long that her curiosity craves. These memories can be from telling her parents a tiny fib, to more extravagant ones that she doesn't remember but has written down in a diary, which she keeps as equally hidden. No, really, she often forgets it's location and is surprised when she reads over her own words each time. When she does think about running away though, it's never far, for since she knows so little of the world at her age, it's a scary place to be in by herself for long.

She has since been freed from her ties, her clones destroyed, but is on the streets with next to no knowledge of the real world and how cruel, or nice it can really be. She's still being hunted down however, a certain kingpin wants his property back.