Analytical | Expressive | Headstrong | Curious

Birthdate:May 23
Age:Early 20's
Species:Red Panda
Hair:Off White
Occupation:Paranormal Investigator

The Practical



Artemy is a paranormal investigator, with an ISTP personality. He's very much a loner, someone practical, impulsive, and easily irritable. Anyone who tries to get close to him, he generally ends up pushing away at some point in time. He can be soft and caring if given the chance, but he knows it's for nothing, so why bother. He doesn't handle commitment very well anyway, becoming relatively bored over monotonous jobs. He needs multiple tasks, constant stimulation, something new to tackle all the time. So he's switched jobs pretty frequently. He enjoys music, playing videogames, computers, tinkering with anything that works, fixing cars, solving puzzles, being resourceful, doing research, and freedom. He dislikes organizing, planning, being trapped, and monotonous tasks.

One of his traits is poor communication skills. Everything is in his head, it makes sense in there, but beyond that it's organized chaos. His work station is likely a mess with papers strewn everywhere, various research books in places they shouldn't be. But don't touch anything else he can't find it. When trying to explain a situation, a puzzle, or his feelings to someone, it never comes out right. No matter how smart he may feel in his head, if he can't verbalize it, he feels like an idiot, causing him to keep to himself most of the time. It's frustrating having everything make sense to you, but it doesn't make sense to anyone else. It's almost as if he gets angry because people can't read minds.

He's got bad luck with women as well. Partially over his frustration and poor communication, partially because he pushes them away. No one understands him, but he won't give anyone a chance to understand him. He might blame women for not giving him a chance, but perhaps the issue is himself, and he's too stubborn to realize that.

In his career adventures, he's managed to get himself into paranormal investigation, being heavily fascinated with the tech, research, and variety of the job. Rather than offer up tour guides and make money off some poor ghost's misery, Artemy and his group explore haunted areas to quell restless spirits. This helps scratch the itch for Artemy, fueling his curiosity and puzzle solving skills, as well as a desire to travel and be free, while also doing a good deed.

[How did you become a paranornal investigator?]
"Alright so, there's people out there, with all kinds of abilities. You ever seen a guy handle molten sugar with his bare hands? And I know some of them magicians aren't just doing sleight of hand tricks. We got all these everyday people with abilities and yet no ones tryin ta save the world with it? Well that's what gave me the idea. People claim we got demons and angels among us, what about ghosts? Turns out I was right. And there's malevolent ones out there wreaking havoc and no ones doin anything about it. So, this crew I found was in need of tech support and upgrades, and I signed up. Been at it ever since.
We got a lady who asks for our help sometimes, and shes a bounty hunter, or uh, exorcist for this kinda stuff. We're like, everyday heroes or somethin. And no it's not some 'wegie' board nonsense, we actually talk to and appease these ghosts with the technology we have. If they don't cooperate, then we gotta remove em by force."

When someone does show interest in anything he values, he opens up, eager to talk as if he's been holding all this information for years. Talking about what he does is a lot easier than explaining how something functions, or how he feels. Even he doesn't believe how desperate for attention and lonely he's becoming, until overnight, his world drastically changes.

He awoke one morning, completely taken aback by a girl sitting at the foot of his bed, greeting him with a stuttered, "G-good morning, master." A girl who he had never seen before. Cute, but unfamiliar, wearing one of his shirts, somehow in his room, calling him master. She had no connections to his friends, no way to break in, she wasn't a ghost, just a total enigma. It was a new puzzle for Artemy to figure out, but one he likely wouldn't for some time. This girl, Remix, is a succubus, and a shy one at that, whom has been created through Artemy's wants and desires. A dream girl, if you will.

Remix has basic knowledge and a little bit of common sense, and a grasp on the english language. But everything else, Artemy has to take care of. He's influencing a brand new being, formed from his mind, someone made specifically for him, and he becomes a wreck when realizing this. Normally, a dream girl that would offer sex is a blessing. But to him, well. What if she's not the right one? What if he screws up and she turns out to be a terrible person? How much of him personally does she even know, if she was apparently born from his mind? Will she leave him for someone better? How does he explain her to his work group and friends? Can anyone even see her or is she just in his head? Only time will tell.