Character Locations

Second Chance Bakery

Contains a set of bakeries and possibly a restaurant in a downtown-like area. Meant to give people a 'second chance', whether they've committed a (minor) felony, or have no work experience and are finding it difficult to get hired anywhere. Also assists in finding housing, and more suitable jobs.

Emcee - Came from a Silent Hill-like otherworld (still working on if this should be my parallel fallout world or not). Paired with Fuse, alternate reality sister to Epizu. Used to, or still runs a very small bakery for super fancy decorated wedding cakes and favors. If she still owns a shop, it's got a very bright and soft, calming atmosphere.

Cain - Co-owner of the second chance bakery. A demon living on the surface. Lives in an apartment above the bakery, either shared with Revel, or two separate floors. Paired with Everest.

Revel - Owner of the second chance bakery. A demon living on the surface. Lives in an apartment above the bakery whether its shared or not. Paired to Crimson, apparently friends with Sigh's parents, Fuse, and of course Cain among many others. The bakery's front end could be mistaken for some kind of sexual shop, with really deep reds. Probably something like this but with food instead of sexual products

Everest - One of my many clone experiments, used to test brain chip technology. Paired with Cain. Would most likely work alongside Emcee, despises Knives.

Crimson - A therapist who frequents the second chance bakery for 'research', since some of her clients have worked there. Paired to Revel, connected to Baroque as his therapist.

Fuse - An incubus who's passion is cooking. Wants to own or at least work in his own restuarant, and since Cain and Revel are demons, I thought he'd fit nicely working at the bakery, but with a restaurant area for himself. Possibly sandwiched between Emcee and Revel's bakeries, and they'd all likely share workflow or have some kind of connection. Also would not be a very big restaurant. Paired with Emcee, friends with Revel.


A huge area that may as well be the size of the surface. Has many different 'continents' that can contain many forms of religions' beliefs on death. They gotta house folks that were supposed to go to heaven too, since my heaven area is corrupt af. For folks with super niche beliefs, they're hooked up in a Matrix-style area that projects their uh.. mind? soul? in the afterlife they prefer, or deserve, the most. Hazbin Hotel is a good example, but technically mine came first. The place runs like a well oiled machine. Likely has buildings and places to visit. In my head though bits of it are cave-like, but it's heavily inspired by The Book of Life, and Super Paper Mario's underworld.

Amarante - A deity from Mayan times who assisted in human... anthro... sacrifice. It wasn't seen as wrong, but as a necessity. Has since started working as a reaper who guides the dead. Paired to Kai.

Aiden - A festival organizer in the underworld. If the surface is having a festival, like fireworks or honoring the dead, he's usually preparing other demons for it with costumes, decorations, passes to the surface for qualifying demons, etc. Paired to Imari, brother to Yukon. Used to work for his dad delivering wine, but found he preferred festivals instead.

Beat - A voodoo deity who has been demoted to a 'janitor' of sorts. Has been tasked to escort the dead who died in a visceral manner. Think Visceral Cleanup Detail. Paired with Clover, friend to Neco.

Imari - A bubbly angel who was kicked out of the heavens and welcomed with open arms into the underworld. Makes costumes. Paired with Aiden.

Jade - The 'ruler of the underworld', which means she has say in a lot of the branches, but there's likely many rulers and the area she rules over is the one I focus on the most. Treats her 'employees' fairly, and attempts to punish justly. Is the reason the place runs like a well oiled machine. Paired with Shikari.

Kai - A reaper who escorts the dead. Supposed to be ocean-oriented, but his character needs some work. Paired with Amarante.

Quill - A 'mortician' of the dead. Will reattach limbs lost before death, heal wounds, make the afterlife comfortable. Should be paired with an underworld teacher/professor I've yet to make.

Neco - A demon who's focus is to connect the lost souls of the dead to living family and friends for closure on either side. Plans to run a little shop on the surface (with permission) to allow this to happen. Ends up falling for a mortal, which means she's paired with Cardelle. Is pretty much friends with everyone she runs into in the underworld.

Sheol - An angel of regret who died by suicide, and was rejected from the heavens. Plans to help Neco with the regrets of living and dead folks for closure and therefore is allowed on the surface. Paired with Void.

Sable - A deity based on Kali, meant to be a very very very toned down goddess of war. Is not allowed on the surface without an escort. Paired with Brice, used to date Frost until things went terribly wrong.

Gate - A blind gatekeeper who passes judgment on souls. From ancient times. Very well connected with Jade, almost like a mother/daughter relationship. Paired with Wake.

Shikari - Jade's 'pet', a soul eater she has wrapped around her finger and obeys her every will. Since death isn't truly the end and reincarnation is a thing, a true end is having your soul erased from existence, aka eaten by a soul eater. Paired with Jade.

Ghost - Used to be an overseer of 'the threads of life', but has since found a new mission of being a lazy af messenger/spy. Allowed into the heavens and gathers information to tell Jade, but also carries out Jade's orders in trying to sway the heavens into some kind of working society again. Paired with Samiel.

Wake - Assigned to help Gate, and is paired with Gate. An elemental kirin of wind.

Yukon - A delivery boy for wine, aka 'the nectar of the gods'. His dad runs the vineyard, and had both Aiden and Yukon delivering, but now it's just Yukon. Yukon's allowed in the heavens to deliver since even they refuse to give up access to the particular wine. Paired with Kaori, brother to Aiden.

Spectre - An angel of judgment who visits certain people on the surface and talks with them, marking them for death if he doesn't find them worthy. Paired with Muse.

Magicians Group

A group of folks who are against Maxwell's organization and are trying to expose his unsavory business practices, while also saving individuals from his grasp. Not aligned with Maxwell's views, OR Knives's views. Very heavily inspired by the movie Now You See Me. They're supposed to have no real set location, so they can go undetected, but they still need remote housing for a select few that they've saved. Not really magicians, but do actually practice magic on varying levels. Currently I have a conundrum with these two, cause they put on full on shows, but also still need to stay under the radar of Maxwell.

Aether - The leader of the magicians group. One of my elemental kirin of aether. A 'wish granter', who is possibly behind the creation of Neil for Jetta. Paired with Rift.

Ayame - A sweet artistic girl who's parents got caught up in one of Maxwell's schemes and were going to sell their daughter to one of his factions. Ended up being saved by the group, and is paired to Cipher. Currently resides in the Magician's hideout in her own room.

Cipher - What this world would call a witch or warlock. His soul is currently trapped in 'the mirror world', a stark white world with nothing but 'windows' that he can access to see and travel through, which happen to be mirrors in the real world. Paired with Ayame, brother to Enigma. Family likely came from the Farmer's area.

Jinsuke - One of Maxwell's experiments who managed to escape. Now dwells in the Magician's hideout. Paired with Unique.

Rift - A fortune teller who can see into peoples' minds in their past. Was going to be used for some of Maxwell's duties, but she managed to get a glimpse into his past and the long, death riddled existence he's had, and is currently being hunted to make sure she doesn't spread any information. Heavily inspired by Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, the Memory Den in Fallout 4, and the memory device in To The Moon. Currently resides in the Magician's hideout. Paired with Aether.

Reyes - Possibly a ghost or some other supernatural deity which happened after a near death experience at sea. Ice elemental. Paired with Coda.

Raz - A girl that at first 'ran away to join the circus' but found her way into this group as an aerial silks performer. Has no magical abilities, but still fits in with the group. Paired with Jester.

Enigma - A clumsy magician, but very bubbly and likes to be in the spotlight. Would be the one to make show announcements. Sister to Cipher, likely grew up in the Farmer's area, paired to Schism.

Schism - Acts as Enigma's familiar. Is pretty well attached at the hip to her and adores her, wherever she goes, he goes. Obviously paired with Enigma. Brother to Risque and Claire.

Unique - An angel turned mortal thanks to Maxwell. Taken in by the magicians group, resides wherever their hideout is. Paired to Jinsuke.

Coda - A nurse who can see the dead. Is under the magicians' watch since I imagine her being involved with Maxwell somehow, but not to the point of needing protection. Paired with Reyes, friends with Artemy, Cardelle, and Ghost.

Hawthorn Glade (Farmers/Witch's Village)

A group of farmers that live in a way before cars took over cities, but also in a progressive manner. Most of them are a society of witches, warlocks and mages, which furthers outcast them from society. They have local owned shops and farmers markets, allow tourism, and use magic to help them with their work. Heavily based off the worlds of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, and now that I've learned more, The Netherlands.

Ake - A children's book author and illustrator, who is also a fairy. Quietly advocates for changes in the world and teaching children to be more careful. Lives in a little cottage off the beaten path from the central hub of this area. Paired to Yurik, tried to date Owen.

Calluna - A pond goddess who one can leave offerings for, for her to grant your wish. Her pond is between a city, and the central hub of the farmer's group. It's been frequented by tourists and goes unmaintained by anyone but her, which makes her resent people. Paired to Julian.

Evander - Works on a small, self sustaining farm field, but mostly works on making enchanted tools for himself and others in the area. Paired to Scarlet.

Ivette - A forest nymph who has made her home in an abandoned, run down manor deep in the woods. Rarely does anyone come across it, but it holds plenty of books, weaponry, and artifacts that would be hard to find in the world nowadays. Very much inspired by the Beauty and the Beast castle. Paired to Owen. The last picture is EXACTLY how I picture the library in her manor.

Julian - One of two twin brothers who inherited a giant manor from their family. The type of manors that housed multiple people, with many workers employed and living there, and farmlands spread out around it. It's much too big for the two brothers and they've reserved it for tours instead for an income, and live separately in a more modest home. They're in charge of making sure the town/group/area works as smoothly as possible, almost like mayors but... not? I dunno. Aside from manor tours, Julian helps oversee the market area, manages his own farm areas (beekeeping yay!), and owns a little loaning library in the city with many ancient artifacts, tomes people can use, tools to rent, and so on. Paired to Calluna, brother to Yurik, friends with Owen and Evander.

Owen - A traveling merchant often seen with a heavy backpack who makes his home in the farm area. He mostly goes out to find plants and herbs that people request, but he also buys from one seller and sells his findings at higher prices to others. (Buying herbs from the market, but finding Clover and selling them to her for a higher price). Is great at identifying plants, and loves to travel. Paired to Ivette, knows Ake, Julian, Yurik, Clover, and Evander.

Scarlet - A nymph who is said to bring autumn. But really she just sucks the life force out of plants. Is kind of like a modern day pest, a raccoon, getting into gardens and destroying plants. Paired with Evander, knows but despises Ivette.

Yurik - See Julian above. Yurik isn't very customer oriented, unless its on an individual level. He finds being in and managing a shop trivial and boring, and instead chooses to ask the locals what kinds of items they're looking for that their community just doesn't have or cannot create. He then travels to others who might have said item and sets up trades. Paired to Ake, brother to Julian, knows way too many people, especially if they're in the farm community.

Whisper - A nymph from the mountains that is meant to personify a cozy but solemn cold. Likes to wander to warmer climates, though still prefers it cold-to-mild. Very cuddly and clingy. Does not know anyone personally, yet.


Contains a corrupted group of angels who don't allow anyone into their heavens anymore. Is much like the underworld, but is a more segmented world that wants to force their beliefs on others and disallow anyone elses beliefs, instead of embracing them. I don't get to visualize this place often, but people do have homes, and places to go. Even contains an Elysium, a paradise for angels. Most can freely go to the surface, but some are banned or choose not to.

Arrow - A warrior angel meant to defend the heavens, but with all the corruption he ends up defending it from other angelic-like faction instead. Lives in the angel's equivalent of a barracks, and is seen as a lesser being even though he defends the people that look down on him. Paired to Verity.

Hit - A demon attached to an angel that he cannot physically hurt, as a punishment laid out by Jade. Never really lived anywhere, just kind of ends up in places. Paired to Winter, brother to Gate, knows Liron, despises Jade.

Kaori - A bartender in Elysium who distributes the 'nectar of the gods'. Overhears unwanted conversations, does not wish to work as a bartender, but it's the job she was made to do. Used to work as a guardian who helped inspire hope in various earth-dwellers. Paired to Yukon.

Samiel - An angel who aims to replace the power shift that Knives created when he was thrown out/left. Is well spoken, and would make great leader material, but the angels obviously don't want him as a leader. Paired to Ghost.

Winter - A very cutesy angel who adores the aesthetic of modern day Christmas. Wants to help change the angelic world into a better society, and is using Hit's demonic threats to aid her. Paired to Hit.

Verity - Is called Lady Verity by most. Manages a library of angelic artifacts and scriptures and works much like a secretary to the higher ups. Is not much of an angel herself, but she has earned her place, and is slowly seeing how extensive the corruption really is. Paired to Arrow.

Floating Islands

Either one or a group of islands that are possibly obstructed by clouds or some force to normal folk. Overgrown by plant life with little to no dwellers. The angels know about this place, but see the dwellers as lesser beings. These islands also exist in the Parallel/Fallout World as well, either as the same, or separate entities. I haven't worked it out yet.

Dianthe - My take on 'mother earth' but more like... if mother earth had a daughter. She's meant to be 'planted' on earth if things ever get too deserted. Very ignorant of life on earth, but very curious about it. Loves flowers, loves plant life.

Rook - A depressed rain god that never makes it rain. Likes visiting the floating islands to harass Zenith and tell wonderous stories to Dianthe. Paired to Dianthe, long lost ancient brother to Mai.

Zenith - A stuck up guardian to Dianthe. Hates people, is tasked with making sure Dianthe isn't harmed. Paired to no one, brother to Axis.

Parallel/Fallout World

A post apocalyptic world heavily inspired by Fallout, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Steampunk aesthetics, Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Silent Hill, etc etc. There are heavily populated and contained cities, dotted across an open wasteland with little left. I imagine there's still grassy areas, but they're few and far inbetween, and possibly protected from inhabitants. Lots of potential for this area. The floating islands have been rumored to be spotted here. There's possible smaller towns/cities that are like ghost towns, maybe underground areas, maybe floating towns for the more rich folk. Supposed to be a futuristic area of 'if Maxwell or Knives fails to step up' but it could just be part of a parallel world in ruin.

Axis - A Skyrim-like end of dungeon boss who gets 'beaten', pledges himself to his master, and becomes her pack mule. A very hardy character, also inspired by the aesthetics of the Shadow of the Colossus colossi. Paired to Owl, travels with Kite, brother to Zenith.

Hunter - A stubborn bounty hunter who will do anything for profit. Lives in a small, dingy apartment with her pet dog in one of the few congested cities. Paired to no one.

Owl - A traveling merchant who hoards her findings in random stashes to cut down on theft. Often forgets where said stashes are. Travels with Kite, paired to Axis.

Sakin - A murderous, lawless criminal with little regard for others. Is not welcome anywhere and typically travels. Paired to Kite.

Kite - A small guns user who questions everything and expects answers. Travels across the wasteland most of the time, city living tends to bother her. Paired to Sakin, travels with Owl and Axis.


I kinda put everyone here cause they used to all live on the same island together, now they live on 'the mainland' instead.

Bijou - An lively girl who lives in a small apartment with her friend Lith. Paired to her childhood crush, Todd.

Niu - A girl who believes she causes unluckiness to herself and those around her, therefore isolating herself. I imagine her living in an inconspicuous area that's close to the ocean where she has access to many odd jobs, but still close enough to have city/downtown access.

Noku - A gamer who works at the second chance bakery full time (and does not need a second chance, he's just a good worker). Best friends with Todd, friends with Val, paired to Illu. Has a small home in town with Illu.

Todd - An islander who is royalty, though his family gave up the royal life. Todd moved to the mainland to pursue his love of technology, but is free to take trips back to the island for vacations with his friends (gives me an excuse to have island vacation stories). Paired with Bijou, best friends with Noku and Thalo, knows Matt.

Matt - An incubus who loves the beach. Loves water, loves volleyball, surfing, all of it. Gets homesick fairly easily. Left the island, but is still very close to the beach wherever he goes. Paired to Cerulean, knows Todd and Noku.

City dwellers

Characters who absolutely need an urban environment to thrive.

Brice - A parkour freerunner who is also a self proclaimed zombie enthusiast. Pizza delivery driver who knows his routes well. Knows Token. Paired with Sable.

Token - A homeless kid who never really stayed put in any assisted living situations. Is meant to learn to settle down, but the city is his playground. Likely knows or is friends with Brice. Paired with Wren.

Wren - An orphan with sleep issues. Has grown up in foster care but was never fully adopted. Old friends with Illu, paired with Token.

Yuki - A music loving thief who gets by on odd jobs with his twin brother Zak. Would be a great street performer. Easily inspired by the Oliver in Company setting, aka New York. Twin brother to Zak, paired to Kitty.

Zak - A music loving thief who gets by on odd jobs with his twin brother Yuki. See above, these twins live together as well. Brother to Yuki, paired to Agera.

Maxwell's Facilities

A massive, inconspicuous group of buildings with many workers and experiments, most of which live in the facility or live close to it. I imagine mediocre sized office buildings, no skyscrapers, a well maintained business park, gardens, and ways to get around. One of the major facilities houses tons of experiments, either in rooms that enable glass viewing, or completely shut behind inpenetrable substances. There's a scientific area, an employee quarters, and many other buildings.

Crow - Maxwell's closest henchman, a crow dragon hybrid created by Maxwell. Acts as a spy and lives at the facility. Paired to Sadie.

Maxwell - A god of death and my world's main 'villain' even if he's morally gray. Inspired by the Murder of Crows vigor in Bioshock Infinite, and Gendo Ikari from Evangelion. Is usually met in a huge, open office with ornate decor and his desk at the end, either up some stairs or elevated platform to actually be on his level. Whatever it is, it's meant to be intimidating even addressing him. He can teleport, so his sleeping quarters are detached from anything else. Paired to Quinn, brother to Knives, is connected to too many folks to list.

Jester - One of Maxwell's henchmen, a shadow demon who can travel in shadows as well as control them. Is mute, but expresses himself through writing in shadows on a surface if he needs to. Paired with Raz, friends with Void and Quinn.

Quinn - An experiment in Maxwell's facility. Is tucked away in a place meant to house those in the prostitution ring, until they are needed. Paired to Maxwell, friends with Void and Jester.

Sadie - A girl who was raised in an awful home, given the chance to become a secretary somewhere in Maxwell's facility. Paired to Crow.

Void - A 'failed' experiment who was given a second chance. Is a manmade shadow demon much like Jester, but has a few flaws. However he can create something in the 'shadow world' and bring it out, like items or his specially customed violin. Paired to Sheol, friends with Quinn and Jester. Obeys Maxwell... mostly.

Lucas - An escaped experiment meant to be a personified virus. Can shapeshift and integrate himself into society. Paired with June.

--------Associated with Maxwell but not on facility grounds--------

Xenon - An experiment housed in a hospital that isn't located on the facility's grounds. Was holed up in the hospital's basement in storage until they needed him, but was 'rescued' by Mirasol. Maxwell doesn't have the best security on his experiments lul. Paired to Mirasol.

Lithium - An experiment, who knows she's an experiment, given to Bijou to test the effects of personified lithium. Absolutely livid with Maxwell and knows his whole scheme, and wants to expose him in her own way. Roommate to Bijou, paired to Thalo.

Rino - A clone of a man who owns a lavish hotel resort. Was cloned to get around a loophole so the hotel could stay 'in the family' and still run its prostitution ring out of many of the rooms. Rino does not know about any of this. Does not live in the resort, but lives in a lavish home with an indoor swimming pool. Paired to Iro.

Amber - A housekeeper at Rino's resort. Knows about the prostitution ring and made a deal to keep quiet about it, so long as she can watch. Paired with Raul.

Iro - A demon dreamweaver of some sort who works for Maxwell, but is really just looking out for herself and her own wellbeing. Paired to Rino.

Reid - Works at the same hospital where Xenon was stored. Is in debt to Maxwell and performs questionable surgeries regardless of moral implications. Ended up working on a clone who escaped, and later found the clone and adopted him as his own son. Adopted Clerval, paired to Maus.

Cosplay Group

Not really any aethetic locations since their work requires this group to travel. However I imagine Misty, Val, and Emi sharing the costs of a three bedroom suburban house that doubles as their business. If I think about it though, it'd be a nice goal later on to have them live above a shop so their livingroom wouldn't double as storage. They do have a certain aesthetic to their convention booth though.

Misty - A workaholic who frequents thrift stores to upcycle clothes into costumes. Shares a home with Val and Emi, Paired to Orion.

Orion - A bouncer turned convention security once he embraced his love for conventions, and Misty of course. Paired to Misty, becoming friends with Val and Emi.

Emi - An ancient genie who has adapted well to nerdy culture. Is the group's outfit model, and is often paraded around convention spaces in costumes to advertise their business. Paired to Westin, friends with Emi and Val, shares a special lamp with her 'enemy' and fellow genie, Raul.

Valence - The media and website manager for his group's business. Often works on one-off technical projects to own or sell, such as a working Pip Boy. Is usually the driver for convention travel. Brother to Clintz, friends with Todd, Thalo, Noku, Artemy, Retro, probably Brice, and Parker, and of course Misty and Emi. Paired to Gauge.

Westin - A hotel butler working in more upscale hotels. Worked his way up to get to where he is. Has a run in with the cosplay group since conventions typically take place in (what I like to imagine is) more upscale hotels with convention space. Possibly moves wherever a new job is. Paired to Emi.

Holly - An aspiring plus sized model and cosplayer. Lives somewhere near one of these conventions. Paired to Kodiak, friends with Misty and Emi.

Clover Household

A rather large home inherited to Clover from her family with the layout of the home from Fatal Frame 3. She can't possibly take care or inhabit all of it by herself, so she has two cousins and a roommate to help fill out the space. Attached to the home is a MASSIVE greenhouse overgrown with tons of plants, native as well as supernatural, used for spells and potions, and also pet bugs.

Clover - A voodooist who inherited her home, greenhouse, and store from her parents. She uses her library of plants to help with creating spells that benefit people coming to the store. Cousin to Grant and Mocha, friends with Mai, Owen, and possibly Neco. Paired to Beat.

Mai - A bug collector who milks spider venom to use in antivenom. What her bugs produce is useful in some of Clover's spells. Friends with Clover and Misty, long lost reincarnated sister to Rook, paired to Grant.

Grant - An enchanter who infuses permanent spells into his tattoos. Is meant to use this ability for good, but has been converting mortals into demons on the side without his family's knowledge. Brother to Mocha, cousin to Clover, is in debt to Liron, knows a number of my succubi and incubi, and paired to Mai.

Mocha - An enchantress who infuses temporary spells into her totems and miniatures. Is a very wholesome bubbly girl who longs for a more nerdy kind of culture, and will likely end up mingling with my cosplay group. Friends with Mai, sister to Grant, paired with Retro.

Knives Household

The group centered around Knives. Not much to say here, beyond Deck advocating for a 'normal' single family home, and Knives likely turning the basement into a scientific laboratory for his work and experiments.

Deck - A card dealing casino worker with sharp wit and a tongue to match. Was going to work in one of the casinos owned by Maxwell before Knives found her and convinced her it was a bad idea. Mother to Pique and sort of Lucia, paired to Knives.

Knives - My god of life who is meant to be the morally gray hero, even if he wants nothing to do with the spotlight. Keeps to himself, but has worked 'for' Maxwell numerous times in the past, creating the cloning technology Maxwell uses, as well as a computer chip implant for the brain that tweaks and erases memories. Paired to Deck, step-father to Pique, created Lucia in his lab, brother to Maxwell.

Clerval - A clone who's organs were meant to be harvested. Somehow escaped his situation. Adopted by Reid, paired to Pique, possibly knows Token or Wren.

Pique - A kid who hasn't quite figured out what her goal in life is yet. Lives with her mother Deck, step-father Knives, and created older sister Lucia. Paired to Clerval.

Lucia - One of Knives's creations, who is meant to thwart some of Maxwell's plans, but also ends up being a supportive older sister to Pique. Paired to Echo.

Earth-dwelling Outsiders

Not really a group, just supernaturals and deities who happen to reside on Earth, some of them being misplaced or outcast from their original group.

Muse - A goddess and model meant to embody inspiration. Paired with Spectre.

Epizu - A dimension hopper from the Parallel/Fallout world who came over to help his sister, Emcee. Paired to Skye.

Skye - An alien that is meant to personify blue agate gemstones. Is meant to be an alchemist who can manipulate matter. Lives with Kou, paired with Epizu.

Torch - A kirin fire elemental either employed by Maxwell or is just lost on earth. Paired to Liron, likely knows or is related to Aether.

Kou - An alien sent to earth to mine for precious gemstones. Integrated well into society and plans to stay, and also gets to use futuristic alien technology, so long as he keeps it to himself. Shares his home with Sigh, paired to no one.

Raul - A trickster genie who can grant wishes but never does so properly. Shares a special lamp with Emi, even though they try to get as far away from each other as possible once free. Paired to Amber.

Liron - A demon who helped fuel an ancient war between mortals and gods. Is banished from the underworld, the heavens, powers stripped, and is forced to suffer on Earth. Hates modern day housing and ownership, and prefers a nomadic lifestyle. Is supposed to control and create the majority of my incubi and succubi, employs Grant, paired with Torch, torments Niu.

Cerulean - A capricorn mermaid kicked out of the heavens for unknown reasons. Longs for the mainland even if she's not sure why, and lingers around shallow beach lagoons. Paired to Matt.

Frost - An angel banished from the heavens for maintaining a taboo relationship with a demon. Currently works at the second chance bakery. Friends with Cain, used to be paired with Sable, now paired to Claire.

Cupids & Incubi/Succubi

My group for creatures that center around love of some sort. I imagine some of the cupids, a few angels, and other deities having a hidden society on Earth, comparable to El Dorado, where some of them have proper housing. This would probably require teleportation abilities to get to. Maybe Sigh even got her schooling here. The incubi and succubi mingle much more easily into society.

June - A cupid who mixes potions to help (or force) people to fall in love. Likely resides in the on-Earth paradise. Friends with Kaori, paired with Lucas.

Sigh - A half angel, half succubus hybrid passed off as a cupid. Lives in a small apartment in a developed city that her parents pay for. Friends with Revel, Grid, and Vivi, paired to Clintz.

Tey - A cupid who's focus is on 'puppy love'. Very traditional in her views. Not sure if she has a home, or if she resides in the on-Earth paradise. Paired to Grid.

Grid - An incubus who passes himself as a cupid, and also does a better job at pairing folks together than most cupids. Resides in his own home that hopefully has a lot of soundproofing since he likes to host parties with lots of music. Friends with Illu, Sigh, and Paige. Paired with Tey.

Illu - A half cupid half mortal hybrid who's focus is the love around friendships. Was previously employed in Maxwell's prostitution ring, now makes plushes for children. Friends with Grid, used to know Wren, paired to Noku and living with him as well.

Anjou - An incubus who is fairly new to the surface world. Enamored with technology and improvement, and aspires to work in a museum. Paired to Hazyl.

Kodiak - An angel/incubus (or succubus) hybrid. Likes to walk and explore places and works with various hobbies, including wood carving. Paired to Holly.

Kitty - A succubus from ancient times, who currently works as a hair and makeup artist in a strip club. Knows Liron, possibly dated Dash at some point. Paired to Yuki.

Claire - A succubus who actually explores peoples' dreams instead of tempting them in reality. Keeps to herself and generally stays indoors, but does reluctantly leave once in a while. Sister to Risque and Schism, paired to Frost.

Remix - A new succubus to the world, who may have been a different person before the succubus takeover (I'm still working it out). Supposed to be what Artemy wishes for, thus she lives with him. Paired to Artemy.

Cops/Crime Related

Cops, modern day bounty hunters, and other folks who fit into crime fighting. I imagine there's at least two different police groups here, ones that are under Maxwell, and others who have no clue who he is.

Midas - A cop who lives in a single family home, but close enough to do his work in the city. Also close to parks and a bus stop. Housing Clintz, works with Agera, paired to Paige.

Maus - A forensics specialist who works under Maxwell and helps cover up some crimes that may get out of hand and lead back to his work. Paired to Reid, works with Lawless.

Paige - An ethical hacker who loves loud music and often hosts parties. Likely lives somewhere where she can host parties without too many complaints, but still gets complaints and police knocking on her door. Friends with Grid, paired to Midas.

Agera - A cop who is apparently a reincarnation of an old goddess. Very angry and aggressive cop who's character is based on a super fast cop car. Also I pronounce it 'Ajheera', like Bagheera from A Jungle Book. Works with Midas, used to know Mai and Jade in ancient times, paired to Zak.

Risque - A bounty hunter who seeks the supernatural. Also will take up regular bounties in the meantime. Sister to Claire and Schism, friend to Artemy and Cardelle, paired to Dash.

Dash - A stereotypical 'main hero' type of person who has had many jobs, his last being a cop, and now works with Risque as a fellow bounty hunter. Paired to Risque, dated Kitty some time in the past, brother to Deeohji.

Lawless - Joined the police force to get justice for his murdered father. Is willing to do things in a sketchy or selfish manner in order to get the results he's looking for, and like Maus he helps cover up tracks of other criminals. In debt to Maxwell, works with Maus, paired to Niu.

College Related Folks

A group of characters who live in or near a college town. Not all of them are actively going to college, but still live in the area.

Cardelle - A popular college guy who doesn't quite know what he wants out of life, but is highly supportive of his friends Neil and Artemy. Works closely with Artemy in helping him solve paranormal activity issues. Roommate to Neil, works with Artemy, friend to both, suspicious of Echo, paired to Neco.

Mirasol - An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to help fellow college folk keep their rooms and homes clean when they have to focus on exams, and later on temporarily help people who physically can't clean (say they broke a leg, an arm, had a child and wanna focus on them, etc). Paired to Xenon.

Echo - A blackmailer who wishes to pursue journalism, but is also selfish and only looks out for himself. Has investigated and sold a few pieces of information to Maxwell's group before, but also is not on his side, nor Knives's or the magician's side. Familiar with Cardelle, paired to Lucia.

Neil - Doesn't actually go to college, but does room with his friend Cardelle and learns a few of the class lessons. A being brought to life by Aether. Friends with Cardelle, paired to Jetta.

Artemy - An independant paranormal investigator who often travels to places of interest to look into or quell spirits. Does not stick to normal jobs for long, but may currently be working in car detailing. Friends with Cardelle, Coda, Risque, and Val. Paired to Remix.

Everyone Else

All other characters who don't fit into groups but are likely connected or related to them in some way.

Parker - A photographer who currently works for smaller weddings, and cosplay photoshoots. Often seen at conventions. Paired to Vivian.

Thalo - An engineer who loves creating new gadgets and working with technology. Very enthusiasic. Friends and works with Todd, paired to Lith.

Vivian - A girl with a quirky sense of fashion who likes designing strange but appealing clothes. Grew up in an awful hoarded home, but was later adopted by two loving mothers. Friends with Sigh and anyone who approaches her, paired to Parker.

Deeohgi - An artist who likes to draw realism, mostly focusing on background sketches. Can be found walking around urban spaces for art ideas. Sister to Dash, paired to Baroque.

Hazyl - Fancies the old 1950's fashion and ideas, but not the negative culture and politics. Hoards memorabilia that would be better fit in a museum. Works with Retro, paired to Anjou.

Retro - A rather perverted nerd who spends most of his time playing games. Works as a carhop on skates. Friends with Val, and likely talks to any of the other game driven folk. Paired to Mocha.

Baroque - An artist with a troubled past. Currently seeking therapy for it, but tends to see the world in a different manner than most. Has Crimson as a therapist, paired to Deeohgi.

Clintz - A guy who was wrongfully locked away for a few years in a juvenile detention center. Abandoned by his family, and taken in by a cop. Roommate to Midas, going to work with Revel, brother to Val, paired to Sigh.

Jetta - A girl living a mundane but stressful life with a minimum wage job, an awful roommate, and just wants to read and write stories. Paired to Neil.

Gauge - Has major wanderlust and has actually built herself a one person, steampunk inspired airship about the size of a small camper. Uses it as a mobile electronic repair shop, but also as a comfy home. Has an interest in mythological creatures. Friends with anyone she talks to, paired to Val.

The end, thanks for reading this mess =B
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